UKOUG day 3

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Today was a bumper day for content.

Day 3 started with Doug Burns taking the p*ss out my presentation style…The cheek of the man ! Smile  All in good fun, although Doug is such a sensitive soul, the temptation to mess with him and claim offense was very very high.  He gave a great talk on statistics on partitioned objects, which was very relevant given my client’s recent embarkation on a new data warehouse.

Then I ran back and forth between presentations on indexes and memory – its a tough call when you want to see two presenters, but you also dont want to be one of those rude people that leaves halfway through.  I opted for the “sneak out when presenter turns their back” option, and seemed to get away with it.

Harald van Breederrode ( gave a great talk on smart flash cache in Oracle.  Unfortunately we are AIX, so its of limited use for us currently, but still a cool piece of technology.  For those who don’t know, he’s legally blind, but still knows more about Oracle than just about anyone on the planet…astounding.

My final talk for the conference was on Optimizer stats, which is really a light hearted way of telling people to take more care and more time with their stats, and they’ll be amazed at the benefits they will get.  I did this talk on Sunday as well – in front of optimizer boss Maria Colgan – so hopefully any of my gentle digs at the optimizer were well received.  Of course, if not, then tough…I’ll always be a ranter Smile

And that was about the size of it….next stop was Birmingham airport, and then a glorious 20 hours on a plane back to Perth.

If anyone cannot locate the slides for my talks, please drop me a line and I’lll send you them.

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