AUSOUG conference–day 1

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The AUSOUG conference program this year was bolstered by a number of international speakers on the tail end of the OTN series of talks held all over the world.  As such, speakers such as Debra Lilley, Graham Wood, Kai Yu, Chris Muir, Tim Hall and many others added some amazing content to the already impressive local content.

I watched Debra speak for the first time – coinciding with my first talk on a Fusion topic Smile

After that, I watched Ray Tindall do a talk on Weblogic tips and tricks.  It was a relief to see someone else talk about all the trials, tribulations, patch levels, certification issues, etc etc with getting the version and configuration “just right”.

Yury from the Sydney user group gave a simple but excellent talk on RMAN backups – not a “how to”, but more of a “things you need to consider” with your backup scripts.  Plenty of useful things in there to improve the robustness of your backup regime.

Then it was Kai’s clusterware talk, and finished up with Graham’s hidden features.  Both a nice insight.

A few beers, and a few drinks to round off the day, then home to work on my own presentation!

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