UKOUG is coming

Yes it is just a few more weeks until the UKOUG conference swings by.

This has been one of my favourite conferences for years – dating back to my first one in 2002 !!.  You can see from the picture at the tail of this post – whilst times have changed in those 15 years, the basic tenets of community, networking and technical content remain unchanged to this day.

The AskTOM team will all be there and there’s a fantastic agenda spread over 4 days.  This user group really knows how to “bake” a good conference.  Maybe they followed my recipe. Smile



OakTable area, UKOUG 2002


Buzzword Bingo

Looking for that catchy title for your next presentation ?

I took the first word from the title of 1000 Oracle OpenWorld presentations, and looked for patterns Smile.  I omitted some obvious terms that are either products or definite/indefinite articles:

  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft 
  • The
  • How 
  • OAUG
  • General
  • MySQL

And here is what we end up with:

SQL> select buzz, count(*)
  2  from buzz
  3  group by buzz
  4  order by 2 desc;

BUZZ                                                                                                   COUNT(*)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Building                                                                                                     18
Customers                                                                                                    14
Best                                                                                                         13
Digital                                                                                                      11
Migrating                                                                                                    10
Getting                                                                                                      10
Accelerate                                                                                                    8
Modernize                                                                                                     8
Implementing                                                                                                  7
Data                                                                                                          7
Transforming                                                                                                  6
Extend                                                                                                        6
Identifying                                                                                                   6
Managing                                                                                                      6
Achieving                                                                                                     6
Leveraging                                                                                                    5
Making                                                                                                        5
Creating                                                                                                      4

So there you go…All the verbs and adjectives you need for a successful presentation Smile

OpenWorld 2017–grab ALL of the content

Some people use the session catalog to grab just the presentations that they either attended, or could not attend.

Other people want a download of every available presentation so they can peruse the entire catalog offline at a later date.

I am one of the latter people. Smile

So using some node, javascript, awk, sed, grep I managed to data-mine the catalog page to come up with a list of uploaded presentations in the form:

wget --no-check-certificate -O "SessionTitle".extension ""

which of course can then be run as a batch file to grab them all. Woo hoo !!!

You can download the batch file which contains the 932 download commands here

I can’t make any guarantees the list is complete, or that the script will work without error, but it should be a good starting point, and it will be a lot faster than clicking on each presentation !

If it does not work for you, my apologies.  If it does work for you and saves you a lot of time, just don’t forget that I like beer or gin&tonic next time you see me. Smile

Enjoy !

Oracle Developer Community Appreciation Day

OK, time for some controversy Smile

My ODC appreciation post is about

Now I’m sure there will people in the community just itching to lose their proverbial about how they lost years of their lives waiting on the support response or similar complaint, and since I work for Oracle, they will be just as keen to jump on the bandwagon and claim that I’m just shilling for the company I work for.

But I’m not denying that our support resource could be better.  Any company’s support resources can be better. 

This post is about the value I get from when answering questions on  Yes, there is some out-dated or incorrect content on there, but there is also some awesome content on there.  Many times I find myself quoting MOS notes when providing background information for a question on AskTOM.

So this is my thank you to the people who contribute support notes to MOS.

Because I’m pretty sure it’s a thankless task.