Oracle Openworld – Monday

Welll, today was a bit of a selfish day.  Didn’t really want to spend time on sessions etc, because I had my own session to give, and seeing as its been 7 years since I’ve given a talk at OOW, I wanted it to be “just right”.  So this morning was spent pretty much in the hotel room, doing rehearsals and timings, and then more rehearsals and timings…

But I think it paid off because

a) a good crowd turned up

b) they seemed to enjoy it

c) my timing was spot on, I finished with about 60 seconds left on the block

It was a nice feeling to have several people come up to after the presentation and take the time to say “Thanks”.


Other than that, I played “Oracle Tourist” and took the obligatory photos of the America’s Cup, the Oracle Boat and the like…Tomorrow is back to being a normal conference attendee, so time to plan out some sessions



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