A bumper OpenWorld 2016 for me…

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My first OpenWorld was in the Australia in ..well… I’m not sure when Smile but it might have even been the late 1990’s.  Time flies.

But 2016 will be my first OpenWorld as an Oracle employee…and hence, I’ll be busy Smile

Hopefully you can come along to some or all of the sessions I’m involved in…or you can probably catch me during the week at the OTN lounge.

I’ll blog more shortly on how I can think you can have an awesome OpenWorld….because I know will !




    1. Many of the OpenWorld sessions are recorded and/or broadcast live…but you need to be fairly high up in the food chain for your session to be a candidate for that.

      And I’m not certainly that high 🙂

  1. 1) with just 1 month available for OOW to start and 12cR2 is not yet released, How come you are able to prepare topics for 12cR2 ? are you be given any training in 12cR2 before it get released by the respective teams ?

    2) Can we expect “SQL Assertion” feature available in 12cR2? the idea proposed by Toon has reached a maximum voting in “Database Ideas” forum ( https://community.oracle.com/ideas/13028 )

  2. “How come you are able to prepare topics for 12cR2 ?”

    Um….isn’t that pretty obvious ? I work for the company that builds the software! But that doesn’t make me special 🙂 Customers as well can utilise 12.2 if they are on the Beta program – it’s the best way we can discover issues and fix them before general release.

    “Can we expect “SQL Assertion” feature available in 12cR2?”

    I’m not at liberty to say what is included the release, but think about it this way. That Assertions idea was put on the list in May 2016. Do you really think work *started* on 12.2 in May of this year ?

    1. Thanks for the response. that really helps.

      I know i am not that enough to suggest something for Oracle. but over the last few years almost in every project that i work for see a lots of places/needs for Inter-row calculations (which something not possible to achieve using lead/lag) – but truly possible using MODEL clause.

      MODEL – really doesn’t scale much in larger data sets. but Analytic Rock.

      I have posted about this in “database ideas” community too (https://community.oracle.com/ideas/13061)

      Any help/support to improve the “Model” clause in future database release will help much.


      1. I think the issue here is popularlty. The MODEL is not used much, and very few people have your level of expertise with the syntax. When something is not in high demand…its less likely to get resources assigned to it 😦

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