MOS–the brave new world

Its been a long hard painful road….

But finally, we no longer have to ensure that Flash-based mistake that was unleased onto the world a few years back Smile

I freely admit that I’ve been a scathing critic of the MOS flash interface, both on newsgroups and internally via feedback to the support team themselves, and to be honest, I thought that this would all be falling on deaf ears.

So I’m happy to say that somewhere inside the organisation, people were obviously listening to myself (and the many others), because we finally have an interface that looks promising and at first usage, seems functional and practical.

UKOUG–feedback from attendees

Just a short note to say thank you to anyone that took the time to score, rate and comment on my presentations at the UKOUG this year.  Whether you loved my talks, or hated my talks, I’m always flattered by anyone that takes the time to give the feedback that all speakers desire in order to better cater toward the preferences of the attendees at conferences.  After all, its the attendees that are paying the money – they deserve the best that we can give.